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When winter comes to Humboldt and Trinity Counties we know how cold it gets! But what if your home’s heater is not working? There’s no time to waste! Being warm is not just a matter of comfort. Dangerously cold conditions can put your family at risk. When the temperature gets cold outside – count on Six Rivers Mechanical to make sure your Heater is keeping you warm on the inside!


Heater & Furnace Repair in Humboldt & Trinity County

Understanding why your Heater isn’t working can be complicated. Your furnace is full of heating elements, fans, motors, belts, and more. But it’s not always complicated…

Here are a few simple reasons why your heater isn’t working properly.

•Something as common as a dirty air filter can prevent the hot air from moving freely in your house.
•Other easy fixes could be a faulty thermostat that won’t regulate temperatures properly.
•Or even just a pilot light that has blown out.

But more serious issues like a broken motor or a gas leak need to be solved as quickly as possible.

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