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Service & Home Heating & Air Conditioning Repair & Service – Guaranteed

TWeather in Humboldt and Trinity Counties can be extreme. When your Heating and AC systems are working perfectly it can be easy to take them for granted.What if trouble starts and they aren’t working properly? What if the A/C starts blowing warm air or the Heater breaks down completely? Don’t suffer through cold winter nights or hot summer days!

For times like these, Six Rivers Mechanical offers expert Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance, Service, and Installation throughout Humboldt and Trinity Counties.You can count on Six Rivers Mechanical for repair and service for all your Heater, Furnace, and Air Conditioning needs. Our certified HVAC technicians will figure out what’s not working and offer a variety of solutions for every budget.

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Six Rivers Mechanical Plan

When it comes to your Heating and Air Conditioning – you just want it to work. Our preventive maintenance service plans ensure your HVAC systems will keep running when you need them most.

Sign up for our Six Rivers Maintenance Plan, and our professionally trained technicians will regularly test your system to make sure everything is working the way it should. Call Six Rivers Mechanical today at 707-499-5867 to talk about the HVAC Preventive Maintenance Plan.

5 Big Benefits of a Six Rivers Mechanical
Service Plan

Here are some benefits from having your system checked by Six Rivers Mechanical… • Ensure that your systems are working properly year round • Small repairs along the way can save big money down the road • Being aware of potential problems before your system breaks down • Receiving Priority Service when your system needs it • Upholding existing manufacturer warranties to save you even more money

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